NÜA Smart Coconut

This creamy cocktail is inspired by the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Its fruity notes, the essence of Madagascar and a soft touch of mint make its flavor unique and irresistible. Your experience with our new cocktail begins when you explode the bubble that covers its unmistakable aroma. Dare to try new flavors!

10,90 Euros

NÜA Smart Ginger Gin

Impressive combination devised in our gastronomic I + D laboratory that fuses our Smart Flavored Water made with natural ginger and the exact portion of premium gin. A flavor that remains marked in the memory of your palate and that undoubtedly causes addiction. Dare to try new flavors!

From 8,90 euros

Bloody Mary Cocktail

The revitalizing drink without schedule par excellence with the special Bloody Mix devised in our Gastronomic I+ D laboratory.

9,90 euros

Sex on the Beach Cocktail

A cocktail created by bartender Ted Pizio in honor of the party, sex and alcohol that filled the beaches of Fort Laurade. Refreshing, colorful and ideal for any moment, this cocktail has many variations and cannot be missed at any party … dare to try our delicate version created in our gastronomic I + D laboratory!

9,90 euros

Piña Colada Cocktail

Discover the sweet pleasure, re-invented and feel vacations in a glass.

9,90 euros

Smart Mojitos

The birthplace of the Mojito is Cuba, a classic cocktail whose history dates back to the 16th century, when it was known as “El Draque”. We have travelled back in time to create the future… and present the evolution of mojitos: Smart Mojitos. Their mint, mango or strawberry versions are created with natural ingredients and their refreshing taste will make you feel shivers of gustatory pleasure. Dare to try new flavours!

From 7,00 euros

Smart Long Drinks

Combinations of vodka, whisky or rum of the main brands combined with a soft drink of your choice. All delicately prepared and presented in NÜA glasses that are sure to make your drink even more surprising and appetising.

From 9,90 euros

Gin Tonic

An exquisite and very refreshing drink with a touch of sourness prepared with gin and tonic. Choose from our wide range of premium tonics and one of our flavoured gins.

From 9,90 euros

Smart Shots

Toast with our Smart Shots! You choose the flavour or if you prefer we can create it for you with combinations that will not only delight your palate but will also surprise your eyes, awaken your senses!

From 3,00 euros