Smart Tataki de Atún

Bluefin tuna from certified sustainable fisheries seared on its sides at high temperature, accompanied by wakame seaweed, yuzu teriyaki sauce, micro mixtum sprouts and black and white sesame seeds. Highly addictive and of superior sensory quality.

From 16,90 euros

Smart Tataki Salmón

Pink salmon prepared using the high-temperature side sealing technique, accompanied by wakame seaweed, miso mayonnaise created in our R&D Gastronomic workshop, crunchy onion and sesame seeds. A sensory pleasure hard to forget.

From 15,90 euros

Smart Tartar de Atún

Gourmet proposal created in our R&D Gastronomic laboratory of ethically and responsibly harvested superior bluefin tuna finely chopped and seasoned with mango sauce, soya, black and white sesame seeds and micro mezclum sprouts.

From 16,90 euros

Smart Tartar de Salmón

A superior gastronomic proposal that your palate will not forget, based on finely chopped superior pink salmon (from certified ethical and responsible fishing), avocado and nori seaweed, seasoned with NÜA-style soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise developed in our R&D Gastronomic workshop.

From 16,90 euros

Smart Tartar Sea Fusion

Pacific fusion Smart Tartar based on finely chopped red prawns and scallops garnished with mango chive sauce and black sesame developed in our gastronomic laboratory. An enveloping taste of the sea created to awaken your senses.

From 16,90 euros

Smart Tartar de Remolacha

Delicious Tartar with avocado and pico de gallo base and marinated beetroot together with Premium cherry tomatoes, soy and miso sauce and micro mix. Served with crispy toast baked to perfection. A dish for everyone, especially vegans!

From 8,90 euros

NÜA Smart Tartar

Premium Smart Tartar made from top quality beef sirloin (obtained using ethical and responsible techniques that safeguard animal welfare) finely minced and seasoned with exclusive truffle mayonnaise created in our R&D Gastronomic Workshop and sprinkled with foie gras shavings. A gourmet option for demanding palates and a delight for lovers of signature cuisine. An exclusive gourmet proposal not to be missed.

From 17,50 euros

Smart Tartar de Pulpo

Irresistible tartar made with chopped octopus carefully seasoned with shrimp ketchup, kimchi sauce and togarashi. The subtle touch of mango sauce, chives and crunchy onion transform it into a highly addictive dish that will not leave your senses indifferent. Dare to try new flavours!

From 15,90 euros

Steak Tartar de Buey

Beef tenderloin from production that guarantees animal welfare, finely chopped with our dijon dressing, pickled gherkins and chopped chives and the special touch of our gastronomic workshop.

From 16,90 euros

Smart Sushi

The Smart Sushi is a delicious and tender Sushi made from sweet white rice, short grain, garnished with rice vinegar, sugar, salt, nori seaweed and nihonshū rice wine. Its filling is composed of organic avocat and cucumber of the highest quality and flavor accompanied by one of the two proposals that you can choose: Salmon or Tuna. If you have trouble deciding, don’t worry, pick the Smart Mix option to satisfy all of your desires … Let yourself be carried away by its tender texture and intense flavor!

From 18,90 euros

NÜA Smart Sashimi

Rework of the considered a gastronomic wonder, this dish is made with marinated fish wrapped in a layer of avocado slices with shishimi togarashi powder and topped with trout roe. Choose between Salmon with wasabi sauce and teriyaki yuzu or Bluefin Tuna with teriyaki sauce and Japanese spring onion. The Smart Mix option includes both and all of them are smoked with unique essences that will make this gastronomic treasure the greatest pleasure for all your senses.

From  19.90 €