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The future is already present

Seeing is believing

Let yourself be seduced by the best interactive tables in the world ever seen in Europe and discover why they fall in love at first sight! The stunning 4K Ultra HD ultra-high resolution screen with 3840 x 2160 pixels is made of diamond glass and has 4 times more pixels than a Full HD TV.

No detail is out of sight, or out of touch! thanks to the unlimited multi-touch, which recognizes the touch and shape of the hands as well as can register the presence, size and shape of any other object placed on the interactive table.

In addition, its response speed is amazing, being up to 10 times faster than many current tablets on the market!

Its incredible performance can only be compared with its amazing artificial intelligence system that allows to personalize the experience according to the customer profile that uses it. It is not science fiction, it is NÜA Smart Restaurant! The future is already present!

Interactive menu, you decide

A picture is worth a thousand words, but ours… are worth a million! Ultra Full HD quality that shows you every last detail of your culinary desire. We have developed a powerful interactive menu so that you can immerse yourself in our menu and explore all its content, learn about its details and discover its composition. Providing you with all the information you need in a clear and simple way is our challenge.

Our menu structure allows you to interact with its content in an agile and intuitive way, a highly addictive system that responds with extreme delicacy to every request. You have in the upper area our “information point” where with just a slide of the finger you can navigate in an oasis of nutritional information.

In addition, our exclusive “smart poke configurator” allows you to create what you want to eat by simply sliding your finger… Easy is twice as easy, check it out!

Pay as you want

The NÜA Smart Tables fit your lifestyle! It has never been easier to choose the payment method that suits you best! You can choose to pay for the entire table or split the bill by seats.

If you are a classic Cash or Card? or if you are one of the uncomplicated ones and use your mobile for everything… Pay with your mobile! Apple Pay or Google Pay? Download our IRT app at the Apple Store or in Google Play

Information is power

Our Smart Tables are an unlimited source of information and services. Currently you can read the news of the day while savoring one of our Smart Poke or for example check the weather while enjoying a smart vermouth.

Besides, if what you eat is not enough for you, you can always navigate through the interactive menu and know all the details. This is just the beginning of what is coming up and you will soon be able to discover it.

Unlimited fun for everyone

NÜA Smart Table is a leisure and entertainment center without limits for everyone. We believe that the shared experience tastes better, so with a simple finger movement you can turn your personal game into a shared one with the rest of the table guests. From amazing educational games for the little ones to games that will test your mental capacity.

Draw, paint, complete puzzles, solve a rubik’s cube, make numbers with 2048, complete mazes, play chess alone or in company, unify pieces in Hexetris… boredom is impossible!

Even the most demanding in fun will not be able to resist our star game … Airhockey, guaranteed adrenaline for the whole table!

NÜA Smart Fun

Two in one: You and NÜA Smart Table

Waiting while we prepare your order has never been so entertaining since you can personalize your table cloth, download your photos from facebook to create a more personal environment or download your videos to watch them in high definition on the impressive screen of our Smart Table.

Your personal assistant

Our tables are always ready to help you with anything you need, even recommending activities that fit your tastes!
The experience starts in NÜA but ends wherever you want! And anywhere we help you because soon you will be able to plan your day or night from the Smart Table! In a short time, you will be able to buy tickets to visit the tourist attractions of the city, check the movie listings and watch the trailers of the programmed movies and even buy the ticket with the chosen seat!

Indelible memories

In NÜA Smart Restaurant all moments are unforgettable but you can also make them unique. Your experience with us deserves to be framed, but not in any way (we know you are very cute) so after transferring your photos to the NÜA Smart Table check them out from the Full HD screen and print them out.

For very little you have a lot for life! Our photo-quality printing is highly impressive and can be… Unforgettable!

This has just begun!

What you have available today is only the beginning of tomorrow, because this is only the beginning of new horizons to discover. NÜA Smart Restaurant is a concept in continuous evolution and we work continuously to improve your experience. Very soon our Smart Tables will have more fun, more information, more emotions and more possibilities!

Many are about to come out of the oven and you will discover them very soon and others are being created to change the world to change the way you understand things until now. Don't imagine, we create to surprise because if you don't have limits, we don't either. The revolution has just begun!