All the classics of the most famous brands: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Coca Cola Light, Fanta Orange, Fanta Lemon, Nestea Lemon, Nestea Passion Fruit, Sprite, Aquarius, Aquarius Orange, Cacaolat, Minute Maid, non-alcoholic beer, beer with lemon or toast…. All in large glass version.

From 2,95 euros

NÜA Smart Beer

Craft blonde beer created in our I + D Gastronomic workshop and produced by the creators of the first craft beer in Spain. NÜA Smart Beer has been brewed according to the canons of more than 400 years ago, applying new technologies. Our Smart Beer has a fine and elegant carbonation, with a certain density, ivory white foam, creamy and constant. Very fruity on the nose, with persistence of infused grain, banana and red apple notes.

3,50 euros

NÜA Smart Water

NÜA Smart Water is the smart way to drink water and the greenest and healthiest hydration option. Thanks to our advanced technological filtration system, we offer you water of the highest quality and taste. 100% sustainable. 700 ml bottle.

3 euros

NÜA Smart Flavored Water

Our gastronomic R&D laboratory has given colour and flavour to our healthy and ecological Smart Water. Its intense colours are matched only by its enveloping flavours; a fusion that your palate will enjoy and your senses will appreciate. Dare to try new flavours!

3,90 euros

NÜA Smart Granita

Refreshing and natural slushies developed in our R&D workshop. Let yourself be carried away by the chilling sensory pleasure that the flavours of coconut, passion fruit or the mix of both offer you in this highly addictive proposal. Discover the taste of freshness and feel the Smart Fresh Experience!

From 4,20 euros

NÜA Smart Clara

Balanced fusion of our signature craft beer NÜA Smart Beer and Fanta Lemon. Balance of enveloping flavour and generous quantity for a unique and long-lasting taste experience. 450 ml (aprox)

From 4,20 euros

NÜA Smart Fresh Experience

Balanced fusion of NÜA Smart Beer and NÜA Smart Granita Passion Fruit. This perfect union brings its tasty freshness to all your senses. The blend of flavours and textures creates a pleasant sensation with every sip that lingers in your mouth for a long time. Discover the Smart Fresh Experience!

From 4,20 euros

NÜA Smart Vermut

Artisanal vermouth created in our R&D Gastronomic laboratory and elaborated through the fusion of traditional methods and avant-garde techniques. Our renowned Smart Vermouth finishes its careful elaboration in oak barrels, which gives it a unique flavour and texture. A true masterpiece that has become an icon of NÜA Smart Restaurant on its own merits.

From 4,40 euros

NÜA Smart Vermut Experience

Our renowned Smart Vermouth with soda accompanied by premium olives, mixed nuts, crunchy handmade vegetable chips and cockles sprinkled with a sauce made from wine vinegar and a spice mix with sweet red pepper developed in our R&D Gastronomic laboratory. Choose the Duo option for 2 people or Group for 4 people. Enjoy the Smart Vermouth Experience!

From 24,90 euros

NÜA Smart Wine Verdejo

Our Smart White Wine Verdejo is a young wine with organic and vegan certification that comes from collaborative production and elaboration systems. It is characterised by a straw yellow colour with strongly marked greenish reflections. When tasted, citric, tropical and fresh notes emerge, with hints of hay and wet grass. It is characterised by fruity aromas with herbaceous nuances that suggest a fine blend of white flower scents.

 From 4,20 euros

NÜA Smart Wine Fruited

Smart Wine Fruited stands out for its delicious fruity taste that gives it a fresh touch, but with an oily character and very smooth in the mouth. Its aroma is a consequence of the fruit varieties and winemaking techniques and is able to make you feel the notes of exotic fruits mixed with ripe white fruit from the first sip.

From 3,90 euros

NÜA Smart Wine Crianza

Our Smart Wine Crianza is an excellent red wine aged in oak barrels. The ageing in oak barrels gives it a powerful, tasty, warm, silky and friendly flavour. Its colour stabilisation and its fresh aroma of red fruits with balsamic notes predominate thanks to the balance of good ageing. It comes from sustainable and collaborative production and we serve it oxygenated through our Smart Oxygenator.

From 4,50 euros

NÜA Smart Wine Aromatic

NÜA Smart Wine Aromatic is a harmonious, elegant and responsibly produced red wine that brings together exceptional characteristics with its aroma and flavour. It is a fluid and intoxicating wine, full-bodied, smooth, fragrant, and rich. Its versatility and pleasant palate make it a fresh wine. We serve it oxygenated through our Smart Oxygenator.

 From 3,90 euros

NÜA Smart Cava

NÜA Smart Cava Brut Nature has been elaborated by means of a meticulous artisanal process resulting from a gentle pressing of the grapes. Its fruity aroma, pleasant taste and low sugar content, together with a moderate alcohol content, give it a high-level bouquet. Also available in a rosé version.

From 4 euros

Cervezas Artesanales

Craft beer brewed using ethical and sustainable values. The varieties Picant, Ivori White Ipa, Woll, Red and black Ale are part of the fine quality variety with the Rosita brand. An internationally recognised and award-winning brand.

From 4,50 euros

Kombucha de Mango

Kombucha is the champagne of life. Produced locally in Barcelona, this refreshing and bubbly drink is all-natural and handcrafted from fermented tea. You can try Mango, Berrys & Roses or Blueberries. Its natural gas, probiotic content and sustainable production make it the healthiest soft drink.

 From 4,20 euros

Smart Coffee

Savouring a 100% Arabica coffee that delivers elegance and harmony is a pleasure that is hard to explain but easy to experience thanks to our Smart Coffee. Produced under the Nescafé Plan, the world’s largest coffee sustainability programme, our Smart Coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms and respects farmers by helping them grow healthier, more sustainable coffee by creating new farming techniques that protect and preserve natural resources. NÜA Smart Restaurant and Nestlé make every cup of coffee more than just a cup of coffee.

From 2,00 euros

Smart Teas

Our Smart Teas are premium teas created from nature’s most valuable treasures. They offer an exquisite taste with selected ingredients of the highest organic quality. Certified organic.  Organic Chamomile, organic Roiboos and much more. Experience pure pleasure with every cup!

From 2,50 euros