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We are not what we eat, rather what we choose to be. Eat Smart, Live Smart!




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The prices of the gastronomic proposal INCLUDE THE USE AND LICENSE of the NÜA Smart Tables without restrictions.
The price includes the general experience without additional costs (except purchases or product orders).


Smart Pokes

The smart evolution of Poke Bowls. Healthy and surprising. Our Smart Pokes are an exquisite combination of top quality ingredients, created to satisfy the most demanding palates, offering a perfect balance between health and flavour. A new universe of delicious flavours and textures that you can configure to your liking. Created by you or created by us, the ingredients that make them up make their taste always highly addictive.

Smart Food

Discover our gastronomic proposal devised in our R&D Gastronomic laboratory and designed to captivate your senses. A proposal that blends tradition and the avant-garde and offers you a journey of smooth flavours and intense sensations.

Smart tartar & Tataki

Let yourself be carried away by the flavours of our wide and varied range of Smart Tartar and Smart Tatakis. Light and balanced, our Smart Tartar & Tataki have delicate flavours and light textures. All their ingredients are blended in a unique symphony of fine-tuned notes that give the palate a unique sensory experience.

Smart Desserts

Our desserts offer a mixture of textures that are out of the ordinary and far from the traditional elaboration. Flavours that surprise you thanks to risky fusions that transmit to the palate experiences that are difficult to forget. From proposals made with liquid nitrogen, which allow us to reach original creations and formats to the simply unexpected.

Smart Drinks

Get to know our own creations and the classics available. Refreshing, tasty, bubbly and appetising at any time.

Smart Mojitos & Cocktails

"Discover our cocktails and discover the evolution of Mojitos: Smart Mojitos.
Feel the power of flavours in your body!"
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