NÜA Smart Taquitos

Rework of traditional Mexican tacos made by our gastronomic R&D workshop. They are made with nixtamalised, non-GMO white corn flour tortillas. The three irresistible proposals: chicken, beef tenderloin and tuna, are mixed with guacamole, small pieces of garden vegetables and seed rain. Our coriander sauce that accompanies them enhances the flavour to the highest level.

From 7,90 euros

Hummus Smart Mix

Mix of 3 varieties of our Smart Hummus created in our gastronomic R&D laboratory: Beetroot, Chickpea, White Beans and Roasted Pepper accompanied by crunchy toasts delicately cut and treated in the oven with superior vegetable sticks (carrot, celery and cucumber). A proposal of intense gourmet flavours perfect for sharing and as a starter.

 17,50 euros

Hummus de Garbanzo

Cream of chickpea soup served with carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and crispy baked toast.

8,50 euros

Hummus de Garbanzo y Remolcha

Smart Hummus based on chickpea and beetroot cream cooked NÜA-style accompanied by delicately sliced crispy toasts specially treated in the oven and top vegetable sticks (carrot, celery and cucumber sticks).

 7,90 euros

Hummus de Garbanzo y Pimiento asado

Smart Hummus devised in our gastronomic R&D workshop based on chickpea and roasted pepper cream with a special touch of roasted vegetables. Accompanied by crunchy bread specially toasted in the oven.

8,50 euros

NÜA Smart Hummus

Smart Hummus based on white bean cream and gorgonzola cheese. Developed using techniques that balance flavours and textures. Accompanied by crispy toast delicately sliced and oven-roasted with superior vegetable sticks (carrot, celery and cucumber).

8,50 euros

Smart Chicken Fries

Delicious strips of 100% pasture-raised organic chicken meat, with Pan-Ko breading and free of GMOs and biocides; accompanied by strips of fried potatoes in olive oil. A dish specially designed for the little ones but desired by the older ones.

15,90 euros

Malicious Chicken Wings

Tasty marinated chicken wings from organic free-range chickens raised on natural feed. Choose to coat them in full batter or just splash them with Korean souvenir sauce created in our R&D Gastronomic workshop and choose the mild or spicy version of our sauce. If you are a lover of spicy, don’t hesitate, yours are the spicy ones!

From 14,50 euros

Smart Guacamole

Smart Guacamole made in the classic style with avant-garde nuances based on avocado cream, olive oil and lime juice. Accompanied by homemade crispy corn chips specially treated in the oven and premium vegetable sticks. A delicious proposal from our R&D Gastronomic laboratory, ideal for sharing.

12,90 euros

NÜA Smart Salmon Risotto

Irresistible bulgur wheat risotto accompanied by salmon cooked at low temperature and seared on the griddle topped with Nori tile, salmon roe and wasabi mayonnaise. This creamy risotto is inspired by Italian and Asian gastronomy achieving a refined and subtle fusion that can’t be explained…. just try it!

From 16,90 euros

NÜA Smart Beef Parmentier

Gourmet proposal with attention to detail and highly addictive that will make your senses fall in love. Its juicy and tender old beef tenderloin comes from ethical production that respects animal welfare and has been prepared using three methods: brine, low temperature and oven. It is accompanied by potato parmentier cooked for 8 hours at low temperature covered with onion gel and black truffle and herb oil developed in our Gastronomic R&D workshop. Exquisite seduction for the palate!

17,90 euros

NÜA Smart Croquets

NÜA Smart Croquets strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, and between complexity and subtlety. The advantages that technology brings us allow us to raise the traditional croquettes to another level, respecting their traditional preparation. Its incomparable texture and attractive aroma exponentially enhance its creamy interior and crunchy exterior. Their surprising flavors make them addictive:
ROASTED: With chicken, beef, pork, carrot, leek and a touch of pepper.
MUSHROOMS: With mushrooms, onion and butter, ideal for vegetarians!


15 Euros